ScreenDynamics helps consumer driven businesses shift into the 21st century, with an integrated cloud-based digital marketing software and hardware platform that is intelligent (AI), interactive with consumers, and insightful.

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We help retail owners and marketing teams easily create more eye-catching digital ads, events, videos and touch screen applications in their stores and dealerships that engage customers and capture relevant consumer information. ScreenDynamics makes your in-store marketing more appealing and gives you the ability to centrally schedule and distribute any ad or promotion across multiple locations and multiple displays instantaneously.

Whether you are an owner of a store that is too busy and don’t have the time and marketing resources to create and manage your own ads, or whether you have a great library of content and want to find a better way to display it, you will love ScreenDynamics’ software solution.

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Meet our leadership Team

John Bodolai
President & CEO

John Bodolai is President and CEO of ScreenDynamics. He is responsible for ensuring ScreenDynamics is an awesome place to work for our employees, and for building a company where our customers want to to do business with us and partner with us.

John is experienced managing software companies. He was the former Country Manager for Workday Canada, the SVP of Sales and Marketing with 360Insights and former Executive Vice President of Nightingale Informatix Corporation. John has also started his own company in the past. John graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Business Degree, and went on to obtain his Certified Management Accounting (CMA) designation. He has also completed his Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D) certification from the University of Toronto and the Institute of Corporate Directors. John served on a couple of boards, including the Board of Governors for Seneca College where he was formerly Vice Chair.

His energy comes from helping customers succeed. He loves to create strong partnership’s where both organizations are benefiting. His low key fact about himself is he likes to do home renovations….”I’m ok at renovating but I love the challenge and problem solving you have to do to complete a project you’ve never done before and the sense of accomplishment when you are done. I’m currently building a Go-Kart and a Sun Room.

Mike Kassar
Founder & CTO

Mike Kassar is the Founder of ScreenDynamics and Chief Technology Officer. He founded the company because he wanted to help retailers reduce the frustration and expense of managing in-store promotions. Mike is experienced in the retail field and found a common thread between them. He saw delays in promotions going live, excessive print costs, and store managers who were not able to follow brand guidelines. That got the ball rolling and lead to the launch of ScreenDynamics. Mike’s an innovator and ideas person, constantly looking for new and better ways to develop ScreenDynamics’ in-store marketing platform that leverages the latest technologies, whether it is with Artifical Intelligence (AI), interactivity applications or making the platform easier to use. Not only does Mike head the development of our software, he has taken the role of managing the R&D and Implementation teams as well.

Mike is an experienced software developer and graphic designer. His degree in Software Engineering was not enough for him, as he continued to train as a graphic designer. Mike started his own design agency after he completed his degree, while venturing off into numerous development projects. He loves to blend both disciplines to build tools and applications that help people engage and communicate with brands, people and places.

His energy comes from solving problems, and really watching and supporting customers using his solutions effectively. A low key fact about Mike is he’s fast. He can probably run faster than you in a sprint. After that sprint, you will likely find him enjoying a burger at The Burger’s Priest, his favourite meal. And if he were a superhero, he’d be Batman.

George Lewis
Director of Sales

George Lewis is the Sales Director at Screen Dynamics. George completed his Digital Advertising Degree at Ryerson University. With his background and training, George dove head first into sales roles so he can help customers. He has held sales-related roles with MasterCard ,Canadian Tire, and Rogers Communications, all leading him to the same, innate love for sales and customer relations.

George truly believes in the power of being a strong customer advocate by taking a customer’s problem and building and effective solution. George’s superhuman work ethic has earned him a reputation as a respected leader with his customers. What George loves about ScreenDynamics is he’s able to merge his interests in Digital Media with his passion for sales – get the opportunity to meet George and you will find him a true expert in his field!

George’s energy comes from seeing the final product and from leading and coaching the sales team at ScreenDynamics. He leaps into every scenario knowing what the end result should be, and he finds a better way for customers to get there!

A low key fact about George… George is notoriously known for doing push-up competitions around the office with John Bodolai, company CEO., It is said they can do over 50 pushups individually, at a time. George is a Liverpool Football Club fan and currently plays as a goalie for a recreational Toronto team.

Chloe Chebib
Marketing Director

Chloe Chebib is the Marketing Director at ScreenDynamics. Chloe is passionate in her pursuit that every retailer across the globe knows the value and impact of what we do at ScreenDynamics and we build an awesome brand.

Her previous roles entailed marketing to a number verticals including F&B, Contemporary Fashion, Retail and Software.

Chloe graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from one of the leading art schools in Canada, OCAD University. She then went on to explore her love for fashion in Paris, France, completing her MBA specialized in Fashion Business.

What drives her every day at work is the team’s energy. The team’s dedication and passion makes her role in developing an awesome brand more effortless! Her energy comes from being able to help customers and future customers streamline their marketing process. She has experienced the growing pains of building a smooth marketing campaign in her previous roles and loves to be able to provide customers with a way to alleviate those pains.

A low key fact about Chloe is she has the travel bug! She will never go a few months without a small getaway. Her itch to explore new countries took her to France to complete her MBA as well as Dubai where she worked at Alabbar Enterprises. Her love for travel couldn’t keep her far from home for too long though – Toronto is a big part of her!

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